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Generalised Anxiety Disorder:

Generalised Anxiety Disorder can be defined as an unwarranted worry and over-analysing about everyday things. The excessive worry and overthinking can feel like it is consuming you. These thoughts or triggers can lead to psychosomatic symptoms such as shallow breathing, tight muscles, a nauseous stomach which can create a vicious cycle of thinking something is really wrong leading to more catastrophizing.

It is called generalised anxiety as the individual can generalise the anxiety to everyday stresses and concerns over money, relationships, career. Normal daily routines and everything that feels outside of your control becomes a huge struggle and can sometimes feel overwhelming. This sense of being in a hyper-vigilant state can leave you feeling very frustrated with yourself and it can be normal to feel down, physically and emotionally exhausted and switching off can feel like a distant memory.

A combination of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), which is very solution focused and listens to how the thoughts are affecting you now, psychodynamic therapy which looks to the past roots of the presenting issues and Positive Psychology which looks to help you apply your stengths in a daily mindful manner. All these therapies combine to help you understand where you have come from and where certain beliefs have originated from. How this may be affecting you now and then creating your own personal Psychological toolbox that you can use when you need it most.
Psychological Symptoms:
Unrealistic or excessive worry
Unrealistic fears concerning objects, situations or people
Excessive reaction
Racing thoughts
Flashbacks of past traumatic experiences
Creating negative defence mechanism behaviours as a way of with dealing with the anxiety
Physical symptoms:
Increased blood pressure and breathing
Blurring vision
Dizziness and physical shakiness
Heat affecting how you feel
Muscle aches, neck, shoulder, back pain
Cold, clammy or sweaty hands
Dry mouth
Numbness/tingling of hands, arms, feet or other body part
Upset stomach / Diarrhoea
Lump in throat
Emotional Symptoms:
Sleep disturbances, insomnia
Feeling on edge
Feeling out of control
Fatigue emotional and physical
Irritable and snappy
Heaviness and pressure in chest and heart
Anxiety can be provoked by stressful situations, (work, family, pace of life) a traumatic experience (a car crash, panic attack, accident, losing your job, break-up of a relationship) or there can be underling generalised anxiety which you experience as part of your everyday life.
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